Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pajama Party...

Out of respect (and maybe a little fear!), I am not posting the one picture I took during the PJ party with my FBC ladies.

But, can I tell you how much fun I had??

  • 12 women
  • good food
  • a pool & hot tub
  • Apples to Apples
  • a gorgeous and spacious home so that everyone had a bed to sleep in!
  • good company
  • not going to bed until 4:00 am


I am a little hoity-toity to say that I finally slept at The Farm. You'd have to be a Daltonian to get that. And I'm not a hoity-toity kind of girl. Our hostess(es) were wonderful! The food was Divine, including this dessert that was supposed to be a flop. It was NOT a flop. It was yummy, hot goodness in a plastic cup! Apples to Apples was so much fun with these women too! And Yay to Mrs. A. for winning the game!!! (And for being a precious friend to call and check on me this afternoon!) Then, we were blessed with a rainstorm this morning. God knows we've been needing the rain. I could have done without the lightning, but God knows what's best.

Here are a few funny comments:

"I'm delightful AND delicious!"

"I do not want a PITY! CARD!"

"Kiss the Cook's"

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Warrior Priestess said...

You have officially become one of my favorites and yes I have been praying for a husband for you.