Friday, July 27, 2007


I have been writing for TWO HOURS and cannot come up with a coherent post.

I'm very frustrated.

And I'm off to another optometrist. Y'all pray I don't go postal, k??


I didn't go postal, but I did cry. I'm so OVER physicians with attitudes. But, I cried in front of him this time, and he felt HORRIBLE and apologized. I mean, there is no reason under creation to talk to people as though they are completely ignorant. Especially when I'm paying for it.

I realized I use (...) and (!) alot. I thought my overpunctuating was getting better but it was getting worse. I use them most frequently to insert a pause in reading, since it's stupid to insert (pause) everytime I think one is necessary.

Tonight is the pajama party with my FBC ladies. None of them have ever slept with a Pentacostal before, so this should be interesting.

I totally just cracked myself up.

I want to give a few shoutouts:

Royce: You're a cool kid. You're going to be a good wife and mother. Notice I said going in the PRESENT TENSE. You Will. Not maybe. Not hopefully. WILL. And I don't want to be a preacher, but I would be TOTALLY OKAY with being a preacher's wife. :)

Jenn H.: Thank you for asking the tough questions. I may actually post our email interaction from yesterday.

The Holly's: You girls are too cool for school. Just thought you could use the blog-love.

Miranda: I'm sad you don't love me enough to... I don't know... comment, but I still love you anyway. And when we go to New York, I want you to meet Jenn H.

Karen: Thank you for reading, but the same goes for you as Miran. Please leave comments. It's one of my love languages, but Dr. Chapman just hasn't update the Five Love Languages to Six: Blog.

Amy: Thank you for your encouragement. You are such a blessing.

I have more shoutouts I could give, but I may need material in the future, so I'm gonna need to save it.

I've had a lot of conversations this week about relevancy and discipleship. The church is now trying to play catch up for discipleship that was outlined hundreds of years ago.

Dear Theologians and Founders of Modern Denomination,

Paul was NOT just sending shoutouts to the churches for fun. He wrote letters, divinely inspired ones, that were intended to give us an outline for incorporating Faith into the world. Hence, being RELEVANT, but still grounded in Faith. Why did we spend the last 90 years preaching hell, fire, and brimstone, with little focus to being whole people? We are now - in mass - trying to integrate discipleship programs into churches via small groups, cell groups, and bible studies. And why do we think that we can formulate a microwave solution to this slow-cooker problem? And could you get back to me???

Sincerely yours,
Another J.C.

I'm spent from the last one. Whew. And it's 3:46, and I still haven't eaten lunch. What's a girl to do?!?


Karen said...

Jenn, Sorry for always saying bless you after every sneeze. I guess that gets pretty old huh? I just wanted make sure you were extra we can't just say bless you regardless of whether or not it followed a sneeze.
PS- I'm impressed and a little jealous that you have six love languages. I only have one. I think it's pretty obvious what it is. I think I should work on developing some others.

Jenn said...

Oh Karen... I KNOW you have more than one. QT & PT. :)