Monday, July 16, 2007


Because I'm good enough, smart enough,... (you get the idea), I want to say how excited! I! was! to! figure! out! Flickr! the! other! day! I felt very smart. Sadly though, when I went to share my excitement with my so called "friends", they were not excited when I said the word "blog", because they still don't get it.

So, ... to my bloggy friends: either we really are geeky, nerdy folks, or we are so technologically beyond our peers that it's ridiculous. And when, in ten years, they figure out how salawesome blogging is, we will finally receive validation, although we'll have moved on to bigger and better things, no doubt.

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Holly said...

Just had to go visit your photos....LOVED the flashback to the days of THS and those uniforms from drill team!