Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Life is precious.

I think we all need hard, cruel reminders that we can't take life for granted, or settle, because life is precious and fleeting.

This morning, I got a phone call that a guy I went to college with, and (shamefully) went to a party with my first semester, was killed in a car wreck Monday night. He was 27. He was an only child. He was coming home from work, when his car wound up underneath an 18-wheeler. He wasn't wearing his seatbelt, and through some preliminary investigation, the DOT and police have determined that a seatbelt could have saved his life.

He wasn't married. He didn't have any kids. He was a "playa", or at least considered himself one, but he was a good guy. He was just still looking to find himself.

My only hope is that he had time to make things right with God. Hell is forever y'all.

And that, along with a few other things are putting my life into different perspective. It's a new season. I've got new hair to prove it. (The highlights are back.) Last night, before I found out about Jacey (pronounced JC), I was thinking about what changes that I need to make. Life is too short to sit here and wait for it to just come to me, you know?

"Never mistake Motion for Action." Ernest Hemingway

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