Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2008 in Review!!!!

January - My friend Miranda moved to town. My friends and I celebrated Nathan's 26th birthday! Set a list of goals here -- I couldn't do #1 because I found out some of the donations are not give to LOL, they're sold to wig companies, #2 - DONE!!!!!!!!, #3 - I made a small one, but one just the same!, and #4 -- Yeah right. I gained 25 pounds this year. The only thing I ran to was Little Debbie. Did realize how much of the healing process had occurred though!! A friend of mine turned 30!

February - is a big birthday month with my friends! J. & N. also got married this month, and I caught my first bouquet! My roommate gets sick and leaves. :( I bought a new computer.

March - Hilarious Underwear Crisis on Easter Sunday. Really starting to make some changes and set a lists of goals (note: not Resolutions) for life.

April - What a crazy month -- Lee Day (a whole weekend), Two weddings (M. & N. and M. & R.), the Cystic Fibrosis walk (with the t-shirts that 'bought put me over the edge). Blog Redesign. Celebrated a friend's 30th birthday.

May - My friend Mere moved away. Got the HooHah scared out of me. Learning to tell Jesus my junk before I tell everyone else. First blood pressure attack. New(er) car.

June - Bought NKOTB tickets!!!! Laughed at my friends. Spent my first Father's Day with my Dad in quite a few years. Had to remind my friends that reading my blog does not constitute ACTUAL conversation. :)

July - Horrible situation for my Best friend. Another wedding. July 4th (okay really it was the 3rd) at the Lookouts with my friends! Also, a funny in why I don't exercise.

August - Girls' Retreat!! I shared my thoughts on blogging. More friends move away. :( Thoughts on relationships. 2008 Summer Olympics! My brother got to go to Hawaii. Went on an ACTUAL date. :)

September - Started my month off with a trip to NYC! Mr. and Mrs. I-Wish-You-Would-Magically-Disappear made an appearance. Family reunion in South Carolina! Two more friends turned 30! My spiritual birthday. Another blog redesign, as well as the purchase of DZTAlumni.com and that redesign! Health scare and prayers for our economy.

October - Happy Birthday to my Mama! Corn Maze. Reunion Oh-Eight! at the Biltmore with great friends! 30 Things to do before turning 30. I reintroduced myself to the written word. My grandparents came to visit just me! We had two bomb threats in Dalton. Somebody found my blog by searching for patent leather underwear. EW. Opened up about internet dating. Finally - NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!!! Halloween!

November - Homecoming with my good friends! Nathan got really sick. My 800th Post! As usual, November was riddled with some DRAMA. :) Getting to see Altar Boyz again! I was on the local news. I realized my life is NEVER EVER boring! Thanksgiving blessings!

December - Planning and cooking for Christmas Parties (personal and work!). Birthday parties with friends and coworkers. The Best 30th birthday in NYC!

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