Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Friday night - Shopping
Saturday morning - Get hair colored
Saturday afternoon - Get ready for party
Saturday night - PAR-TAY!
Sunday - REST.

Friday night, I had an exceptionally productive time shopping and say in hindsight that I'm glad I don't buy in ridiculous bulk because today I'm going to be able to return $45 worth of stuff that I didn't use at the party. So, PTL for that!

My hair... is not the color I asked for... I asked for deep fire orange but got cherry cola. I cried about it ('cause that's what I do), but realized that I needed to cry BRIEFLY, put on my big girl panties, and get to gettin'. I had stuff to do, and crying would only prolong the inevitable. I headed over to the venue (if you will...) and started getting things together.

Just to show that I'm making progress from this, I did have to set a few boundaries for myself:
1) Decide what's worth doing and do it to my level of standards.

2) Do not expect anyone else to understand what my standards may be, or expect them to rise to the occasion. If I had not involved them already, then leave them alone. They shalt receive No Guilt Trips.

3) Aim low. This sounds like I'm being mean, but with 30 people... they're not going to notice everything. I quickly decided to forgo massive Christmas decorations because they would be too expensive and because there was no way my friends were going to gather round the Christmas tree, hold hands, and sing songs. I did opt to bring some games and Phase 10 was a huge hit. :)

4) Think efficiency vs. economically... paying for the aluminum trays cuts out the clean up later. They are worth the extra buck or two!

5) Enjoy people... running around trying to maintain some preposterous level of whateverness means = Jenn is very sad/angry/upset at the end of the night and has nothing to show for it.

6) Hug people, thank them for coming, and remind them to pay up. I'll be honest... I really struggle with this, but I did ask everyone in advance and I can say that there was only one person who did not pay. The annual Christmas party is the only time we've ever asked people to shell out $$, and so they were willing (and some were even expecting) to pay. To all of you... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

7) Ask for help when you absolutely need it! I'm not going to lie... I worked HARD, but I'm very happy to say that people paid like I asked, and I wound up spending a fraction of what I thought I would have too! Also, we started cleaning up the kitchen around 11, and I tried to keep some sense of organization throughout the night. I had two very special friends wash and dry the dishes for me, and a few guys loaded my car! My back says "Muchas Gracias Amigos & Amigas"!

Yesterday, I seriously, SERIOUSLY needed to rest. Jesus was all about the Sabbath, and so yesterday, I just spent it with Him. It was MAH-velous!


My friend Miranda is taking me to dinner tonight for my birthday, and I'll be honest... I'm a little afraid.

Pray for me. :)


I'm finishing up Christmas cards, but still have more to send out... PLEASE send me your address... I'd love to send you a card! You can email me at


New Guy is out today, and it's like the 14th month in a row that he's missed a day of closing.

Bottom line = This is NOT good.




Warrior Priestess said...

Cherry Cola is my favorite. It could also be Dr. Pepper. Hmmmmm...

The cake story = very funny. It's a tradition in my family that we celebrate birthdays with cookie cakes. My siblings do NOT like sugar cakes and I hate frosting so this was the best solution. Thanks for sharing!!!

Mimi said...

Sorry your hair is wrong, but big pats on the back for prioritizing, economizing & setting your standards at a level that could be met. That always trips me up & I end up cursing & wanting to kick others.