Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm not gonna lie... I need to take a nap ASAP

I think the Croop of 08 has finally hit me.

Or maybe running full steam ahead for the last two weeks is calling in some much needed R&R.

Or maybe I, for the first time in a month, have no pending stress, and my adrenaline levels are finally able to hit rock bottom.

Regardless, I feel as though I may have been run over by a concrete truck. That also promptly backed up. :)

Today was my work Christmas party, something that I've been stressing for a while. You need to know that I got all Verklempt before we even prayed. I stood there -- ALL EMOTIONAL AND STUFF -- in front of 40 of my coworkers who know that that's just how I am. Still, it was slightly embarassing. Dinner went off without a hitch, and I can tell you that I ate more this year then I think I've eaten the past two years... it was SOOOOOOO good!

I do need to interject that, because of some grumbling and complaining, I went a little overboard to make sure that things were NICE to my standards. After lunch, my BIG boss came in, and reimbursed me all but $30. I went to tell my manager about it, and she yelled at me. And then I promptly lost my composure and burst into tears again.

Seriously, I'm a crybaby.

But I was and still am touched that my big boss would do that. He didn't have to... but he chose too.

All in all... we had the best Christmas Party yet!

Have you done something nice for someone today, or has someone does something nice for you?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! Chef Ron did something nice for me: he made me a wonderful chocolate pound cake. And I did something nice for him: I immediately ate two pieces!