Monday, December 22, 2008

The Semi-Hibernation of 08 and such.

As I'm sure you've read by now, via my many grips, whimpers, and whines -- I've been a little, umm, under the weather lately.

Humble, aren't I?

In my defense, I have been telling everyone how thankful I am to be sick this past week, instead of Christmas, but considering today is Monday and Christmas is Thursday, and I have still have "colored" drainage,... I'm losing my optimism.

I know, TMI... TMI!

Anywhooo... with the exception of the Tuesday night E.R. debacle, I've managed to get a significant amount of sleep in the last five days... almost 50 hours worth of sleep! Last night, I was a little wired up about getting to work today and showcasing Yet Again my domestic side, so I didn't get into bed until 1:00. And then I had an awful dream about the rapture that I won't be sharing with you. Sufficed to say, I prayed for most of the 3:00 hour this morning.

Before my dream, I took a trip to Wal-Mart and spent a good chunk of money (more on that later), came home, wrapped presents, downloaded Taylor Swift from iTunes, and made homemade chicken casserole.

Essentially I just channeled the spirit of Martha. That's right folks, I know how to boil chicken. MWAH HA HA HA HA! I AM a domestic goddess. Next time -- I'll crochet a doily for the house!

I also purchased freshly sliced ham and turkey, as well as the much needed bread and chips so that the few people who are working today don't have to go out for lunch. Considering that I don't often plan so well, I am thankful that I "planned ahead" since it was 14 when I cranked my car up this morning.


I should mention that last night, while I was in Wal-Mart buying food and whatnots, I realized how thankful I am that I have people in my life TO buy for. And to cook for. And to bake for. And to buy silly cards for. And to just love on in general. As much as I would normally loathe being in Wal-mart this close to Christmas, I can't take for granted the privilege that I have to be able to shop at all... hopefully on things that remind my family that they are loved.

Except for my immediately family who are each getting five lottery tickets from Tennessee, Georgia, and New York with little notes that say "If you win, I win too!" 'Cause clearly that kind of thing screams the spirit of Christmas! I'm officially trademarking the stocking stuffers that LITERALLY keep on giving.

Oh... and just because I feel like a complete lech for not posting any... there were no Christmas decorations at my house this year -- a bone of contention that I won't be blogging about. However, I will be sharing pictures of my Mom's house and my Grandparents' house later this week.



Mimi said...

Hugs & kisses to get you better!

Karen said...

That post made me laugh out loud. I want you to know that my New Year's Resolution is to start blogging. You have been my inspiration.
Thank you also for the comment on my Facebook page. Your encouragement and thoughtfulness mean so much and I don't tell you often enough how thankful I am to have you as a friend. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Staci said...

Thanks for the tip about the neosporin. I'll have to remember that!!

Merry Christmas!