Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Recap

Let's start with the Eve...

  • as I mentioned before, I hit up Wal-Mart AND Kroger on Christmas Eve and left unscathed.
  • I wrapped a lot of presents with Love.
  • I dropped off said presents and food at my grandparents house at 3:40
  • Left for the airport at 4:00
  • NO TRAFFIC on I-85 North
  • That alone was a Christmas miracle for me.
  • Met a really nice lady at the airport who was waiting for her sister. Her son was at home tracking his aunt's plane via As we were conversating, it turned out that her sister was on the plane that left LaGuardia right before my brother's, so her son was able to track JM's plane and let me know that he would be landing 20 minutes early!
  • I've officially made more friends in/from New York than my brother. :)
  • After collecting JM, we headed to my grandparents for family Christmas.
  • Played the "Right Family Christmas Game" with my big crazy loud dramatic family -- who are officially dislexic and deaf. Right and left became "throw it across the room", and "huh?".
  • Gift time... it's a hullabloo that should be video,... but (as mentioned) I dropped the ball on that.
  • Getting to enjoy my family!
  • 12:30am -- Headed home for the night.
  • Merry Christmas!!!!
  • 1:00am -- my brother connects my Mom and SD's new tv up.
  • 2:00am -- we decide to have family Christmas
  • The lottery tickets were a HUGE hit... my mom won $50 on the first ticket, and $80 (plus 2 free tickets) overall.
  • SIDENOTE: At one point, I realized that my family was all sitting around scratching off lottery tickets... VERY strange!
  • We all slept (well except Bill) until noon.
  • Lunch with my family again at 1
  • Food... naps... conversation... general family stuff from 2-5
  • Eventually, my mother, brother, and I sat down and my mom (who never plays games and I've never seen pick up a deck of cards) DESTROYS my brother and I at Phase10. It was fabulous.
  • John Mark and I start cooking and I teach JM how to solve a Rubik's cube.
  • 1:00am -- Off to bed.
  • 4:15am -- my mom wakes me up
  • 4:40am -- we leave for work (I dropped her off!)
  • 7:30am -- I arrive in Dalton, and hit the mall (don't ask!)
  • 8:00am -- at work.

It's 9:10am and I'm pooped. But Happy. And Blessed.

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