Friday, December 19, 2008

Tips & Tricks

I've been thinking about blogging random stuff... stuff that I know (although I'm not sure how or who told me), and that I should share them:

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  • When you fly with kids... from newborns to 12 -- ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS take some kind of candy or gum, and for babies, take a pacifier and/or bottle. It's the sucking mechanism that keeps their little ears from getting stopped ears and prevents them from crying for extended periods of time. You would be amazed at the number of parents I've flown with who DON'T know that.
  • Also for kids, TAKE ACTIVITIES! There are so many resources that encourage "airplane bags" filled with games, music devices, crayons, etc. that prevent a kid from wigging out on a plane. Again, you would be amazed at the number of parents who think their 3, 4, or 5 year old will want to sit perfectly still and quiet on the plane. For those kids who act like KIDS on a plane -- it is TOTALLY your parents' fault!
  • If you have a head cold, sinus infection, or allergies -- you must also take gum or candy, and I recommend taking the strongest decongestant before boarding the plane. Pilots are working hard to make the flight as quick as possible, but there are delays! If you're plane gets told to hang in the air for an extra 20 or 30 minutes, you need to be prepared! I did not do this on one of my trips, and my ears didn't pop for two days. I made sure not to repeat the same mistake on the ride home!
  • If you get antsy on planes, don't schedule to sit by the window! Aisle seats are the fastest getaway!
  • Check into FREE frequent flyer programs. Because of my crazy credit, I could not get a Delta Skymiles American Express, but I could sign up for their free program, and when I did finally get a card, I had 20,000 miles that transferred over. 20,000 miles is a flight from Atlanta to D.C. for free! (They will let you print off a paper card with your number, and after you use that number -- they'll send you a real one.)
  • Don't forget to check your itenarary as well as checking if the FAA or your particular airline has changed any fees. On this last flight, you can no longer check a bag (that goes under the plane) for free. Every bag EXCEPT carryons are $15 per bag. There was a family that went ballistic, and we had some yelling in our cabin because a majority of the passengers had made sure to check! If you don't want to abide by the policies -- then pick another airline!

The rest of the "tips" I have are unrelated to air travel!

  • If you have a toe nail fungus (I know... it's gross, but it happens!) -- put Vicks VaporRub on your nails and keep them covered with socks at night. Two weeks -- VOILA!! All gone! Camphor is also in the main prescription that doctors prescribe at $100 a pop!
  • Warts - You need ORGANIC apple cider vinegar (you can purchase at GNC or other health stores). Soak a cosmetic pad and wrap the area, then tape to prevent air as best as possible. Repeat twice a day for five days, and the wart will peel off -- and you won't have a scar! (I didn't believe this until a co-worker tried it! It worked wonderfully!) You do need to keep in mind that your hands will have an odor during the duration of the treatment, but not having any scars after the facts (or medical bills!) makes it WELL worth it!

Do you have any tips or tricks you'd like to share???


The Miles Family said...

I had NO IDEA about the free frequent flyer program with Delta! I wish I had... I flew Delta from Atlanta to LA and back when I went to Sydney back in September!

Paige said...

I need to try the cider thing for Lauren's wart on her hand. Good tip! We have used the freeze stuff 3 times and nothing has happened! Apple cider here I come.

Warrior Priestess said...

Use dishwashing soap, for example Dawn or Joy, in the bathtub. It cuts through grease, right. I use it to wash my shower and it works wonders on the glass shower door. Sparkly clean every time. Vinegar gets mold out of anything. I use it on the track of my shower door. Batteries, rubber bands, film, and some art supplies will keep for a very long time in the fridge. Cereal boxes cut down to about two to four inches deep make great drawer organizers. Fingernail polish that matches the paint on your car is sometimes a great quick fix when it comes to minor dings.