Wednesday, December 10, 2008

These days, I'm all about the Lists - UPDATED

  • I do not feel well. Last night - Chills... today - fever. This is NOT the week to get sick.
  • But I was reminded that on my 27th birthday, I had a corneal ulcer (it's an ulcer in the eye), and felt like machetes in my eye.
  • My friend Matthew wrote a great post yesterday... you can go here and read it.
  • The location for my work Christmas party is going to drive me to cuss.
  • At this exact time in three days, I'll be enjoying a late breakfast at The Sunflower Diner and then head off to Sephora the Rockafellar Center to ice skate. YAY!!!
  • I got to babysit a friend's youngest daughter last night and being with her made me want kids... and lots of them!
  • I only have two presents left and I'll be done with my Christmas shopping!
  • I only have one more big batch of Christmas cards!


I decided that I needed to lay down and 1) going home wasn't an option, 2) laying in my car could have been potentially dangerous, but if I didn't, I didn't know how well I'd function the rest of the day.

Final Answer - Nap under desk. After 40 minutes, using my small heater as a heating pad, and Naproxen Sodium, and some much needed prayers -- I feel better.

The only downside is that they went to pick up Chick-Fil-A for lunch again today. My new prayer is that I don't spill the BBQ sauce. :)

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