Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm still not sure if most of these words will make it into regular use...

Today, I had to wikipedia the words/terms below. I am not God's proverbial gift to speech, although I must give necessary shout-outs to my parents who taught my brother and I how to speak clearly and skipped straight over the baby talk stage, and Ms. Biddle, my second grade teacher who was obsessed with words and took a speed-reading course just for fun. And I can spell conscientius in two seconds. HOLLA.

Anywhoo... in working today, and accidentally coming across things, I had to refresh my brain at the following words:

  • polyandry
  • polygyny
  • marmoset
  • "persona non grata"
  • sheep-goat chimera

I'm not sure if I feel smarter, but this bizarre concoction of words in combination is enough to make my friends worry about me for sure.

And I must say that I'm sad Polyandry never picked up momentum... but I guess it really is a man's world. :D

- Jenn -

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