Thursday, December 7, 2006


First off... we got some snowflakes in Dalton today. Yay! I am hoping for lots of snow this year! I am probably the only one, but that's okay.

Here's my schedule for the next four weeks:
Last night -- Birthday dinner for K. She gave me the sweetest gift ever. I just love her. And... I totally cried at dinner. Sometimes, I'm too emo for my own good.
Today -- Atlanta
Friday -- Dinner with my friend S. from Nashville and J. from Benton (she's a SAHM -- it's a big deal)
Saturday -- Birthday dinner with M.
Sunday -- get to hear Gordon Mote. I may get to see Alan Jackson because of Mr. Gordon too. Now wouldn't that just be fabulous?!?
Monday -- Belly dancing
Tuesday -- God willing, I will be in Atlanta with Patrick Kerney shopping at Macy's. Ya'll keep praying.
Wednesday -- My birthday! (I know this is conceited and is a cheap ploy, but I really have nothing going on wednesday and I needed something.
Thursday -- going to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra with H., her husband J, and C. I haven't been to the Symphony in 17 years, and I am very excited. It's so beautiful. I will probably cry again too.
Friday -- Commissioning for my friend B. (I graduated from college exactly five years ago on this day.)
Saturday -- B. graduates and we have graduation party! I'm so excited.
Sunday -- Trip to ATL, and the Progressive dinner with roomie & friends.
Monday - Thursday -- Work and MUST finish Christmas shopping.
Friday -- Work, Home to WP, pick up JM at the airport.
Saturday -- Dad's anniversary, and Christmas with Dad and C.
Sunday -- We do Christmas Eve at my grandparents house. With my cousin being knocked up this year, this should definitely be interesting.
Monday -- Christmas Day!!!
Tuesday -- Chill and head back to my apartment. :(
Wednesday - Friday -- Work. Also, the couch at my house is being fixed by the manufacturer so I will be crashing on the love seat. :) Friday, I will also head back to WP.
Saturday & Sunday -- getting ready to celebrate New Years!
Sunday -- I will definitely be in ATL. I have not finalized what I'll be doing, but I have a few really good options!
Monday -- Happy New Year!! sleeping. :)
Tuesday -- back to work.

So... that's what's going on.

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