Monday, December 11, 2006


I have no idea how to start this blog today.

As of right now, I have started it three times, and erased each one.

This weekend... interesting. Life is interesting, you know? There are always surprises. Surprise #1 -- I actually taught myself to crochet and knit this weekend. My roommate has been trying to teach me how to knit, but it's been unsuccessful. But this weekend, I bought books and sat there until I learned. Right now I am very proud. Surprise #2 -- A friend has succeeded in doing something that I wanted to. He took the Math Praxis, and passed, and starts teaching in January. I'm not going to lie; I am SO jealous. I am rather aggravated with myself for being the perpetual procrastinator that I am. UUGH. Surprise #3 -- Church yesterday. My church doesn' t often NOT have preaching. Yesterday... was just one of those days that was different. I had to go to the alter and confess some anger and unforgiveness that I have been harboring. I have allowed a situation to continue to hurt me. And I had to go let it go. And Cry. I had to cry hard to release those things inside me that I couldn't articulate. And... God is good. I love that God wants us to do that, albeit brutally painful, for us to not hurt anymore. Maybe that's an oxymoron on a theological sense, but it makes sense to me.

I bought a few Christmas presents this weekend, but I spent WAY too much money. I did buy my Christmas cards, and even have a few ready to mail. There are even personal notes in them too. I'm excited.

My brother is in Utah, Salt Lake City, as a matter of fact. He's not excited about it either. In his way of being funny, he sent me a text last night to tell me that he would not go overboard and would only come home with three wives. He said four would be too many. (Please don't anyone take offense at that... it's JUST a joke.) He'll be back this weekend.

I went to Atlanta this weekend by myself. It was so theraputic. I miss my days of driving, and hate that I can't do it as often.

Okay... I'm totally boring, but I thought I would blog. Oh yeah... my step-brother is in jail, and in currently being arraigned to see if they'll release him or sentence him. Oi Vay.


Broken Shadows said...

Is that B? form the youth group if so I assume he is not doing much better. I remember in church when an out of world experience took place in Faith Temple and I DON'T mean a nice one. I was scared.....

Holly said...

Step in the one we were discussing at the PIM performance??

Jenn said...

Yep... Billy. He got out of jail last night. Craziness.