Thursday, December 14, 2006


So... (the day after), I was thinking about my rather overly-emotional blog and decided that it needs to stay up. This is who I am. I am over my state of whateverness though. Thank you for any prayers.

Yesterday turned out to be a really good day! One my way home from work, TWO friends called who both had sonograms to tell me that they know what they are having!!! So, technically I got TWO babies yesterday as birthday presents. I know this makes me a giant cheeseball, but I love it. AND... I got a boy and a girl! I'm so excited for my friends!!!! And... I am working dilligently on knitting/crocheting baby blankets for each. :)

For dinner last night, we went to Olive Garden (Yay for Chicken Parm!), and my roommate made me a cake. It was an extremely moist chocolate cake with that creamy buttercreme icing with sprinkles. DE-LISH! They sang to me at the restaurant too,... (I wanted to crawl through the floor), and I turned bright red. But... I had a good time! My friends are good to me; sometimes (most of the time) I don't deserve them!

I talked to my friend M. last night for almost an hour too, and was so encouraged to hear her words. And we're going to make plans for New Years!!!! So... now I'm really pumped.

Tonight, I am going to the Atlanta Symphony with my friend H. and her husband J., and I'm very excited. Here's what I'll be wearing this evening too. (I get to recycle it for a Christmas party on Sunday.)

"For your Maker is your husband -- the Lord Almighty is his name -- the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all the earth." Isaiah 54:5

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