Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

I know that most people don't make NYR, but I am making a few in hopes that they are realistic and attainable. Here are my New Years Resolutions! What are yours???

1. More intimate/Greater/Deeper time with God.
2. I want to finish 52 books this year -- that's one book for every week.
3. 7 states in 2007. I'm already planning to go to a few different states in the spring.
4. 25 Pounds. I lost 40 this year, so 25 should be attainable!
5. More time with my Dad and his side of the family.
6. Snail Mail. 2006 has been a good year for me to send letters, and I've thoroughly enjoyed doing so. I want to be able to, and make time to send more in the new year.
7. Let Go. Part of the way I was made, and part of the mechanisms that make up who I am give me a propensity towards holding on to things instead of releasing them. This year, I want to fully Let Go of those things that are holding me back spiritually and emotionally.
8. Share. I see stuff all the time that is funny and heartwarming, and I don't share them, through any medium. You all may be getting WAY more text messages this year!
9. Love. Part of #7. I want to love like I have never loved before! Honestly, if I loved people like God commanded me to love, then more people would totally like me. I'm not going for a popularity record, but I want people to see God's love through me.
10. Hugs. I realize this seems redundant and/or synonymous with #9, but I'm a firm believer that a hug can change your whole day. The affirmation associated with this specific physical touch has the capacity to change the molecular structure of the chemicals in your brain and make you feel better. I will try to find a link to show scientific evidence for this. I do realize that some people don't like hugs, but my theory (as much as that can be worth) is that those people sometimes are afraid to be vulnerable and openly love.
11. Handmade gifts. I want to be able to knit a blanket for everyone. I'm still VERY slow at knitting and crotcheting, but I AM working dilligently. :D
12. Being a servant. This was my sorority's motto in college, but I want to be doing MORE. We don't know the tree until we see it's fruit, and I think that's so true for our lives. I can't solve world hunger, but I can feed at least one person.
13. Pray. Maybe this resolution and #1 seem to be the same, which is fine with me, but I think it's fitting to start and end with God. It is the quintessential analogy for life.

So again I ask, What are your Resolutions for 2007?

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Jenn said...

I'm going to have to think about it - my new year's res! :)