Tuesday, March 21, 2006


8:00 -- Still driving to work. (Totally running late this morning)
9:00 -- Busy working on account reconciliations
10:00 -- Group decision on where to go to lunch -- Big Boss taking everyone out.
11:00 -- Recons & Waiting for lunch
11:30 - 12:45 -- Lunch with entire department at Logan's.
1:00 -- Uughh.
2:00 -- Having a hard time concentrating on work.
3:00 -- Weight loss conversation begins.
4:00 -- Weight loss conversation ends.
5:00 -- Typing email to reunion committee.
6:00 -- Driving home behind a teal green Honda that is swerving all over the road.

It's now 7:16, and I'm trying to take inventory of my day, and this is it. I really had a hard time concentrating today; I was thinking about everything else but work. I actually had to rebuke my thoughts because they were just all over the place.

Today (obviously), my big boss took the whole department out to lunch. First off, this only happens when someone leaves, so this was a big deal. T. just wanted to tell everyone thank you for their hard work last week, and tell us that he really values and appreciates us and the work we do. In light of last week's tragedy, one can see how important it is. Lunch was nice. We laughed and cut up, and just took more time getting to know one another. I really love the people that I work with, you know? I am so blessed that they are in my lives and are constantly encouraging me to be better and push harder. I found out today that the guy hired to take my place at the last company got fired. Poor guy! That's terrible. I really feel for him. I called one of my friends from there and told them to anoint that cubicle. Yikes!

"It is impossible to be submissive and religiously patient if ye stay your thoughts down among the confused rollings and wheels of second causes, as O the place! O the time! O if this had been, this had not followed! O the linking of this accident with this time and place! Look up to the master motion and the first wheel." Samuel Rutherford

Amidst all the other thoughts in my head, I thought about love again today, specifically the act of falling in love with people in a godly sense. I thought about people I've gone to church with and how they are so special in my life and no matter where we are, how deeply that love of friendship really is. Many years ago, my Mom was in charge of Children's church. (There is alot more to say here, but I digress.) Anyway... I thought of how I really fell in love with all of those kids. They are grown up now, the youngest is 13, but I still remembering getting excited as they teetered in, and got big hugs, and ooed and aahhed over their dresses or handsome little outfit, just watching them grin and try to pay attention. I specifically love "prayer requests" because they are so honest. I can't count how many pets we prayed for during those years. (Sadly, some of them have gone on to be with the Lord!) But I loved everyone of those kids! Along with them, I just had families that I adored. Each where different but brought some uniqueness to the table that nobody else did -- whether it was honesty, dependability, or craftiness, everybody had something. I love running into them at home when I can. Now, as most of my former youth group are married, divorced, or parents, I think those are the most special people. AAAHHH... the Youth Pastors. Now I realize how notorious I was!!! I was such a big buttkisser! Oh well! But youth trips, and Sunday night fundraisers, eating out after church (Goodness... all those trips to Golden Corral!), and spending nearly every Sunday afternoon rehearsing some youth drama (yes, the human videos) until service.

Well... I am thankful for those days! L8R.

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