Monday, March 6, 2006

Just as things change, they stay the same...

What's funny to me is that this rings so true with people. How desperately do I want to change and make effort to change, but still find myself enticed by things that I know call for the same destructive behavior I am so desperate to break free of? I am not the only one. This is one of those topics that doesn't really need elaboration, but I feel free-er mentioning it.

The highlight of my day was the fact that my nap destroyed my regular sleep schedule. I got in bed at 3:30 this morning. I couldn't sleep. Well, who can after a three and a half hour nap at 4:00pm? I'm not a good napper; I usually wake up disoriented and ill. I have been known to cry when awakening from a nap for no reason. Anyway... after my ridiculously long, and unnecessarily unproductive nap, I blogged (hence the last entry), and then watched several hours of television. I don't watch WE (Women's Entertainment), but since there was nothing on television last night, I watched their special about the secret lives of women, particularly the "Eating Disorders", and "Shopaholic". I say that I do not believe I can be categorized as either one of these. I do use food as a crutch -- Jesus and I are working on that. I can shop, but then I have buyers remorse, and many Shopaholics don't. I like to think I have pre-purchase remorse, and while I may carry an item (or several) around a store, something does stop me on occassion averting disaster. It just made me sad for these women. A book I read a few months ago challenged me to really be minimalistic in what clothing purchases I made. I am proud to say I have only bought five things this year -- on pair of Jeans, two pairs of shoes (one pair of tennis shoes -- I haven't purchased new ones in over three years!), a pair of green pants (luck 'o the Irish, Lad), and a pretty sweater. I just realized that three of my five purchases have been green. Scary. Anyway...! I have been able to pay down credit cards, and am truly saving for that house. That is my goal -- I will buy a house this year, PTL! Back to the point, I was just sad that some of these women were in the financial straits they were -- and how their children were now exhibiting their same poor spending traits.

My company is now focused on Corporate weightloss. I will hopefully remember to take an old pair of kicks and socks tomorrow so that I can trot with the others. We'll see.

I just found someone on myspace that I really didn't expect. Bradley. Wow... yeah, this is shot. I'm going to bed. Weird.

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