Monday, March 13, 2006


That's right. Today was VERY eventful! This morning on my way to work, a motorcycle passed me. No big deal, right? I always look at people, and as he drove in front of me, his shirt flapping in the breeze, I realized I could see his CRACK!!! I almost pee'd in my pants this morning. Big Boys should wear jackets to cover that stuff up!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Then, when we were leaving for lunch, I walked out the main door first, and leaned back to hold the door open, and fell into an 18-inch sprinkler hole. While I was not injured, my pride was hurt VERY BADLY. I was so embarassed. It really was hysterical. On top of everything, my boss reached out to grab my hand, and I thought she was gonna fall on me! So funny. I can't believe I'm such a clutz!

One of the directors had to be rushed to the ER today because he was having chestpains. It's a scary time for the dept at work.

We FINALLY have a location and date for this reunion! I am SO incredibly excited. I am getting more excited by the day. I am going to be a nervous wreck when the date rolls around, but I'm actually enjoying planning the details. I keep reminding myself that this reunion is not about me, or what I like, but what is the best for 400 people, and it helps give me perspective! And... I'm putting my money where my mouth is... in more ways than one. This is giving me a chance to break past the silly ways I normally do things - being inconsistent and all. I want to be so organized and make things as smooth as possible.

So, I may be foregoing the house thing for a while, and just move closer to Chatty, as that seems to be the most realistic option for now. Not really what I want to do, but I have to make wise decisions and keep seeking for guidance, and I know God will show me.

Random -- is my home page, and it keeps switching to! I can't read spanish!!!!! Okay... later!!!

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