Sunday, March 5, 2006

Ever have thoughts bouncing around in your head? Well, here goes mental detox:

I wish I'd known he was in town.
Not that I'd make contact anyway.
Glad I went today.
I spent too much $$!
Do I really want to be Suzie Homemaker?
No crush, wow this is weird.
Wow, this is really weird.
Why did he lie?
Why did he tell them one thing and then act different?
My money is as good as anyone else's.
If he won't take it, I'm still going to buy something.
I have too many clothes.
I have so much reading to do.
I need to have a yardsale very badly.
Naps are not my friend.
Three and a half hours -- I could have been productive somehow.
Glad I found those lamps!
Work... don't. want. to. go. tomorrow.
Reunions and showers, OH MY!
Ten years, dear God, where have they gone?
Superpower hair. Ha ha.
Yucky, yucky!
I wish I'd done this sooner.
I did not deserve to be treated that way.
Time of redemption.
Season of redemption -- so much that needs to be redeemed.
Very weird, just being there and all.
Is she going to say anything, does she even know?

Maybe that's all. Nah... not even close, but it's a start.

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