Saturday, March 4, 2006

Small Vent

I should not be blogging; I'm going out of town in just a few minutes. I am frustrated and had bad dreams last night. I continue to have dreams about confronting people. And... on top of it all, just when I really believe I have a friend who can tell me things, I learn she's kept a huge secret. It stings. Anyway, this probably sounds like a 12 year old wrote this, but it's my life. I try to overcome the trust stuff, and then get burned again. I just get tired of people "filtering" information for me because they believe I can or can't handle it.

I feel as though my time to confront is drawing near. And... I'm a little scared.

Work was great yesterday. I got SO much accomplished. I'm ready for more sunshine; it just makes me feel better. We were able to finally clean the 20 boxes out of my office, so I don't feel so restricted anymore! Yeah for that!

Much to do today... IKEA. Church tomorrow. Cleaning still, and more craft/remodeling. Gotta run!

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