Wednesday, March 1, 2006

I secretly want to be Martha Stewart.

My New dining arrangement

No kidding. Tonight, I felt her spirit. Okay... so I don't want the whole Camp Cupcake, White collar crime, felon record, but definitely her creativity!!!

Tonight, I just had enough. Last night, I bought a staple gun. It was time. I'm long overdue for one. Tonight, I bought fabric and recovered my 1981 Miami Vice Dining Room set (I swear it came off one of the boats they shot scenes on). It's had the most hideous fabric on it, but NO More. It now is covered in a dark creme & black twall. It's so pretty!!! Tomorrow, I am going to try to make a table runner and napkins, but this was definitely a huge step for me!!! I also finally put down my $12.00 shag rug that I bought at work. I saved a bundle on that rug! Thank God for employee discounts!

I also found out that the asking price for the duplex is $89,500.00, and I can hardly stand myself!!! I go to the bank tomorrow to meet with a loan officer. If I get it, I will be one tenant, and I already have another one. This is just crazy. I have been looking at other houses, but I know what's within my range, you know? Some houses are just ridiculously overpriced!!! And, I cannot handle $1000.00 mortgage payment, unless someone at Citibank wants to write off my loans, and I don't really see that happening!!!

My hand is sore from the staple gun, but it's so rewarding to see the fruits of your labor, you know? And, since I normally start a project and don't finish it, I'm glad that I did this in one night!! If the fabric weren't so expensive, I think I would recover the big chair in my house too. It's so easy!!!

Work is going good. My boss has some drama, and my heart breaks for her, but I know God is in control! My brother is working himself to death! It's crazy. Reunion stuff is starting to get a little hairy, but it's still okay. I'm just antsy to set a date and a place, and then things will be so much more on target. It's hard for everything to be up in the air except knowing that we are planning something. I imagine it's like this for girls who plan a wedding without an engagement ring.

Heard a little commentary on the radio that made me laugh : "Don't try to hit a shitzu with a BB gun... them little suckers are quicker than they look".

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