Monday, March 27, 2006


What to do 'til love finds you?

Sit on your butt and wait.

There are days when I think I have some people pegged. And then, in a flash, they do something that seems (to me) to be completely absurd, ridiculous, and absolutely preposterous. Now, I realize that I have no room to talk. Anyone who's seen me walk out of my house on Saturday morning will attest to this. And, I do other lame-brained things. WOW.

Let me say this: Despite contrary reports, I exercise some control with my mouth. Not much, but some. Once I start going, I often say things that I regret and just go totally overboard. This has always been the case. But in my defense, I do not say ALOT more things than I really could. End of subject.

Today was good. I got to work on time -- A+ for me. Worked on shower stuff and a little reunion stuff. I still have quite a few really big decisions to make... so, I need prayer if anyone is sending them up.


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