Thursday, March 9, 2006

"We can't change the wind, but we can change the sails".

Today was long and boring! I was so ready to go home at ... I don't know, 10:00a.m. this morning! Last day of close for me. I finished around noon, and spent the last half of the day studying the GMAT. I'm being ambitious -- I want a 650. :)

Got a second job today, so now I can really start saving for that house. House plans may be temporarily suspended if I have to go to UTC because I don't want to drive the 110 miles a day again. I had my reasons for driving like that -- that is, driving to Cleveland to see a guy and all. I don't want to live in Chatty again... I just didn't like it, and I moved there for the absolute wrong reason. And... I can't live in Georgia, or I would have to pay out of state tuition again! I mean... is this ridiculous or what?

Oh well... busy weekend -- home tomorrow, out to reunion venue, oil change, reunion meeting, then shopping with a PG friend -- and my house still looks like Nagasaki fell on it. I'll get around to cleaning everything... hopefully SOON!!! I'm excited that we have a date and location. Got an email from a classmate who was as excited too, and it made me feel good! Also got a phone call from the GBI today. Another classmate (who I've recently connected with), is applying for a special agent job and I got listed as a reference... how random is that? The officer scared me half to death too -- I was racking my brain trying to figure out if I'd done anything. No Comment. I plead the Fifth.

Well... I still have a million things to do... gotta go!!

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