Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Good Day!!!

Today was a wonderful day. Today was a day of new perspective. Yesterday... is over, thank God.

I had LFL today, and it was just what I needed. For the record, I'm typing this with my hair in pigtails. It is actually quite cute, and I did take a picture to immortalize. I am currently downloading information to take Master's classes... that's right, I'm going to get my Masters degree. I'm a little frustrated about instate/out of state residency fees, but I am going to get around them somehow. My geek of a father has rescinded his offer to pay for my Masters like he did for my brother. That just means that he can't hold it over my head when he doesn't pay for it. Enough negativity. I got the GMAT book today, and am starting to study. I am nervous. I don't really like change, but staying in the rut I've been in is ridiculous. This may push me towards buying a house near Chatt, even though I had no intention to do so. Who knows? Not me,.. that's for sure.

My LFL class today was inspiring talking about goals. We spent alot of time talking about the obstacles to meeting our goals and overcoming the obstacles. I really can be my own worst enemy sometimes, you know? But, I'm trying to do things one day, one stack, one problem at a time.

We finally have a location and date for the reunion. Thank God. Now, we can make decisions!

Other than that,... today was pretty mundane. :) Tomorrow will be more exciting. Oh, it is close and I am thankful that I was able to leave at 5:00. If you knew the crazy hours I used to work, you would be worshipping with me! On that same note, we can start wearing capris next week... and sandals. Time for a pedi!!!

"Few plan to fail, but many fail to plan."

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