Monday, May 21, 2007


I have it.

I doubt it MOST OF THE TIME. Because deep down, I know I'm usually right.

With that said, I think my crush has a crush on one of my good friends. OH! LAWDY! HOLY! MOLY! do ya'll realize how this will change things?? I'm contemplating asking him about it too. 'Cause I need to know. I'm not going to stand in the way of anyone's happiness, but I AM NOT going to have it rubbed in my face again. Those days are over thanks to You-Know-Who.

Speaking of, I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks where the person I secretly want to fall off the face of the earth and their life partner, who I also want to fall off the face of the earth, will be in attendance. I've given early warning to a friend of mine that if a friend of theirs starts something, then we'll be having a brawl. Because the days of Me sitting there and just 'takin' it' are O.V.E.R. So, if I make the news for pressing assault charges, y'all will know why.

Other than that DRAMA, I had a nice weekend.

Today, I went to the bathroom (you were dying to know that, weren't you?), and a coworker who's been battling skin cancer got a bad report that she has fluid on her brain. And so, in one of those moments where I least expected it, I got to share and pray with this dear lady.

And my friend R. is coming to town tonight. :) I haven't seen him in over two years. Craziness.

And... I'm going to NYC this weekend. And it's Fleet Week too! (That means over 3000 Sailors will be landing in and moving around New York City.) So, if I come back married, you've been warned about that too.


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