Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Various and unsundries... Part Deux

  • I've lost my phone. If you have called or texted me in the last four days, I am not stuck-up, I'm PHONELESS (well... at least the 423 one).
  • I will call/text/return messages when I get a replacement
  • I got turned down for one of the jobs I applied for, and I'm very frustrated.
  • I've contacted my HR department to find out what the deal-io is.
  • My friend at work, who found out she had stage 4 Melanoma last year, who's now in remission, who found out the other day that she had fluid on her brain -- she found out it's been there all along. So, it's not new. PRAISE THE LORD.
  • I learned alot about me yesterday that I didn't expect, and actually stood up for myself.

"Everything we do affects other people." Luke Ford

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