Monday, May 21, 2007

UPDATE: On the J.O.B. front...

Networking is a VERY powerful tool that should not ever be underestimated. Long story really short, we had a lunch today as a result of a SS project that I helped work on last year. At lunch, as would be expected, we were talking about all the jobs and such.

Then it came out that, the first job I applied for, (we'll call it THE BIG ONE), well, I'm only one of a few candidates left in the pool. The guy that everyone thought was a dead ringer withdrew his name from eligibility. The guy in the office next to me withdrew his name for eligibility. Another guy cannot apply because of a transfer less than 12 months ago. So, indeed I am in need of prayers. There is talk to moving to a 4 day work week (4 ten-hour shifts), and I would be okay with that too. There is talk of a few other changes, but knowing that, I'm still in the running, is a strange, but important comfort.

God is still in the Working Business:
  • working all things for my good
  • working things for HIS Glory
  • working in His time
  • working according His Will
  • working with my sometimes crappy broken vessel

He's still working, if for nothing else, on me. And I love it.

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Shanda said...

I'll be praying for you! Have fun in NYC!