Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Did it become NOT OKAY to be who you are? I see a precious friend struggling with outside criticism of who she is and, I am saddened because it is who she has ALWAYS been. When in the world did it become not okay to be herself? When did it become uncooth or inappropriate or less than (insert your own adjective) for her to do things her way? She is a celebrator of life and love and people for who they are, but for reasons I cannot begin to understand, it's suddenly seemingly impossible for them to do the same for her. What in the world?

I'm a principle fighter, and I would be totally okay at telling these people the errors of their ways. Simply on her behalf. My sweet friend would probably be mortified to know that I would gladly tell her criticizers how it is, but I'm almost to the point that I may do so anyway?? If I were to send correspondence to these people, it would probably be similar to the following:

Dear Ignorant Bliss,

I'm writing to you on behalf of my (unnamed) friend. You know this woman is wonderful, spontaneous, eccentric, and full of life. However, are you aware of how you are MIStreating her??? She has accepted and embraced you for who you are. She cares for you and celebrates in all that you are, what you think you are, and most of what you are not. She challenges you to be more alive. You enjoy her company and love her exceptional personality without reservation.

But for some reason, you've chosen now to be everything you profess not to be. WHAT? You delight more in offering YOUR opinion for YOUR OWN happiness than worrying about what is best for her and what makes her happy? Why? What leads you to believe that what makes YOU happy would make anybody else happy? Have you suddenly become the litmus test for appropriateness? Might I advise you to seriously rethink your position here. I seriously doubt you will lose a friend. But, I am confident that you will lose the respect that this precious person has given you, undoubtedly undeservingly.

- jlc -

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