Monday, May 14, 2007

Things that make you go HHMMmmm...

So, I know you have been sitting on pins and needles since my last update. You should be. Furthermore, you should move the P&N and have a seat, because I have no doubt that reading what I’m about to write will drop you on your butt if you’re not already there.

Are you sitting yet?

My mother’s pastor asked me to preach a service.

(I’m going to give you a few more seconds of silence to get out all the stifled laughter or wipe the horror off of your face.)

Let me start by giving you the rundown…

Friday night – I drove to my Mom’s house. (Shocker and all with it being Mother’s day weekend, right?) I didn’t actually get there until 1:30 AM Saturday morning because I didn’t leave until late and then hit reconstruction traffic in Chattanooga. (I. Do. Not. Like. Three. Lanes. being. Shut. Down. To. One. for! the! sake! of! repaving! one! lane!) So, I got home in the early morning, and went straight to bed. (I’m learning that I don’t enjoy driving late anymore; it’s totally showing my age!) Saturday morning, my mom woke me up, we ran a few errands, and then cleaned. My mom had to work, so she left around 5, and then I got suckered into a mother/daughter banquet with my aunts and grandmother. So, I had to scramble and find something to wear and then head to the church. The pastor likes me (as a person I mean) fairly well, but I know that I can be intense, so I’m willing to give anybody the benefit of the doubt. He came and was joking with me about myspace. Let me backup and say that several months ago, he preached a sermon about how bad myspace was and how bad the internet was. I COMPLETELY disagreed with his sermon simply because, while I think anything can be used for evil (Yeah, I can’t believe I wrote that either). But I’m a fan of relevance in that, if you aren’t aware of what people are into, then you lose the opportunity of being relevant and ministering the gospel to them. I want to say officially that relevance does not necessarily mean participation. I am cognitive of a drug addict or porn addict’s weaknesses, but I choose to understand them to reach the people as opposed to participating/using/watching the weaknesses.

I’m veering far from the topic here. I will be more than happy to give my myspace sermon again at a future date. Probably after the aforementioned speaking engagement too.

A sermon? Are you kidding? So yesterday, the pastor preached an awesome sermon about Numbers 6, and literally blessed, via anointing oil and prayer, every single person in the congregation yesterday. After service, he let me know he was serious about the preaching thing, and that while I probably felt the most inadequate (only if it were Pharisees in the Pulpit Sunday), then that was an indication from the Holy Spirit to get my junk straight and get my words together.

Alas, I am still in a state of shock. Because I’m not a big fan of Women Preachers, you know.

And I am the last person who should get up and preach to the masses.

But I’m thankful that this man sees something in me that I don’t let a lot of other folks know about. And that’s all I can tell you.

Oh, and my heart is so encouraged.


Holly said...

hey, heard the news about the Ringgold UMC minster who got arrested for soliciting a prostitute? The even lovelier thing....he used to serve my home church in tiny, Pine Mtn! Now,how bout them apples....LOL

Warrior Priestess said...

E-mail me your address and I'll send you an invite.