Friday, April 18, 2008

A facelift

OOH! Welcome!! Pull up a chair! Have a seat!! Muffins? Sweet Tea? Dare I dare to be a gracious host?

I do… I do!!

This little updo, if you will, has seemingly been in progress for months. I’ve worked with a few other blog designers, and had really been let down. Snooping around earlier this week, I found a blog designed by TheCutestBlogontheBlock, and decided to check it out. I really liked some of her stuff, REALLY REALLY liked some of their prices, and was just over-the-top that there wasn’t some crazy waiting list of three to eighteen months.

Patience… not my strongest virtue?

Anywhoodle… I emailed the site, and they responded within 35 minutes. That’s right… under an hour. Within 28 hours, I had a mock-up and now, you are able to see the finished product.

All for the whopping low price of $20.00.

I kid you not.

Between the webhosting and now the bloggy redesign, I’ve spent a whole $30.

It costs me more to eat at Outback than that.

Okay,… maybe less, but only if I don’t get the Awesome Blossom, and really, why would I fight it???

If you are in the mood for a change of scenery (I mean… I’m on fire here!) I highly recommend stopping by the site and making some decisions. It’s easy and wonderfully priced.

I did want to take a moment and explain the header though. That is MY picture and MY quote. I found the photo several months ago, but honestly don’t remember where. It is my personality to a T. Wonder Woman, to me, represents strength, and Betty Boop was definitely a beauty icon. I realize that, as a child of the Almighty, I don’t need icons of any sort to define me, but I believe that God understands my personality more than I can explain. But the quote is the kicker... Wonder Woman may catch your eye being so flashy, but Betty Boop... she'll catch your heart. The Beauty inside pervades the outside like sunshine after a storm illuminating the real beauty outside. What catches your heart... pursue those.

Much love,


Josh Lane said...

I'm really digging the new fits you well.

Staci said...

Love it, love it, love it!

Butterbean said...

Fabulous design! Awesome pic and colors! Makes me wish I was still blogging! =) xoxo

Jenn said...

Josh & Staci... thanks!! Butterbean... ME TOO!! :)