Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things I did today, by Moi.

1) Got up.
2) Put curlers in my hair.
3) Drove 3/4 of the way to work with #2
4) Got stared at by many people.
5) Didn't put my shirt on (I had a camisole on y'all... don't flip out) until I took curlers out.
6) Did not flash anyone. (Again... the camisole is not see through)
7) Got asked to serve on a United Way committee at 9:00am
8) Meeting starts at 10:30am
9) Had to leave to go to CF luncheon at 11:00
10) Drove back to Cleveland
11) Attended very lovely luncheon
12) Picked up a package at the post office
13) Drove back to work
14) Found out that New Guy is having Gall Bladder surgery
15) Giggled and made flatulate jokes with co-workers (we're SOOO MATURE)
16) Painted my nails.
17) Talked on the phone.

it's 4:50, and you can tell how productive I've been!!!


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