Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Uh... HELLO! Bloggy Giveaway!!!

I get my feelings hurt way too easy. I get jealous sometimes too. Especially... about comments. I mean, my love language is totally words of affirmation, with a very special dialect - Comments of Affirmation.

With that said... I figured, what better way to bribe people than to offer something pretty cool???

Alas... I could think of NOTHING BETTER.

So, I present a TWLOHA shirt **and a $15.00 Itunes gift card. When I ordered my shirt moons ago, they sent me two by accident and it has been taking up space in a drawer until today. (I sent $$ in for it too... in case you were wondering.) If you know zilch about TWLOHA, go check out their website. It's incredible. There are so many teens and tweens,... just people in general, who struggle with self-mutilation. What TWLOHA does... just phenomenal.

Leave me a comment. If you tell somebody else, make sure they put your name in their comment, and I'll double your chances.

Final drawing will be on Monday, April 28th.

If I can break #19... I'll put up another bloggy giveaway on Monday too!!
*I received an email this morning of three gift cards that I'll receive in the mail that I'll put up for a giveaway too... PTL!!!
**While I'm at it.. MinistrysoFabulous is having a giveaway too!! Stop by and get in the running!!


Aims said...

I was checking my blog this morning before work and noticed that you have the same bedspread that I have at my parents:-)

Josh Lane said...

great idea, in fact i may just steal it...the idea not the shirt, but i'll take that too. hope you have a great day. peace.

Butterbean said...

Great giveaway! I never win, so your other commenters are safe! Hahahaha.

Staci said...

Count me in, Jenn! And I'll definitely spread the word :)

crittyjoy said...

I love TWLOHA and their ministry...and I enjoyed reading some of your posts :o)

Fun giveaway.

Miranda said...

I want everything!! j/k