Monday, April 21, 2008

I. need. sleep.

The sleep deprivation is setting in hard. I actually fell asleep in a bathroom at work.

What's more sad is that this is not the first time I've fallen asleep in a bathroom.

For the last four years, my immediate family has gone to New York City for Thanksgiving. (P.S. I totally recommend a holiday in NYC -- your choice). In 2005, we decided to catch a super early flight so that my step-dad could go visit his family in Pennsylvania.

Our flight was schedule to leave at 6:45am.

That means we have to be there by 4:45am.

That means we have to leave the house by 3:30am.

That means we had to get up around 3:00am.

And I drove in from TN the night before.

So we did all of that... got up early, drove early, and got on our plane. All of this occured before God had completely healed me of my fear of flying, so I spent the entire two hours on the plane crying, holding my mother's hand, and praying.

Only to arrive around 9:00am.

When we landed in Newark (which is the one airport I actually do hate), my step-dad's family met him and my mother. The goal was that I was supposed to take a bus to Penn Station, and then go meet up with my brother.

So, I very sheepishly had to wait at the bus stop to pick me up and take me to Penn Station.

Oh, did I mention it was 18 degrees outside when we landed???

I had to wait OUTSIDE at the bus station for a half-hour waiting on the bus to pick us up. I had my little bag with me (just enough clothes for the first day). I am sad so say that it did not provide any warmth either.

BRRRRR. I get cold thinking about that day.

Anywho... I waited and the bus finally came. I was so ready for NYC. As we were driving around getting ready to pull into the station, I really thought to myself, "Shouldn't this ride be longer?"

And that's when I realized that my SD's family had given me directions to PENN STATION NEW JERSEY.


I had to flag down three people, one of whom finally told me to take the train into Penn Station, and then catch the subway to 49th. (JM was working near there at the time.) So... I caught the train into Penn Station New York, cold and angry but otherwise FINE. I easily caught the subway to 49th.

By this time... it's about 11:30am. I have been awake for 9 hours, running on three hours worth of sleep. Just a little delirious, but very excited to see my brother!!!

When I got off the subway, I realized that I would have to step back out into 18 degree weather.

Did I mention that I only prepared for 30 degree weather????

After braving the elements going against the icy wind uptown three blocks, I saw my brother -- not wearing a jacket.

I kind of thought he was crazy, but whatever. :)

We went into his office, he introduced me, and then we went and had the best.lunch.ever. at this little restaurant attached to his building. To this day, I salivate when I think about that hot bowl of Tomato Florentine soup that was absolutely perfect. Yuh-ummy!

When we finished eating, I knew I'd be on my own for the day and had kind of mapped out a few places that I wanted to visit. Macy's. Toys-r-us. The Hershey store. So, I hugged JM, and decided to tour the city.

Only... I was a little delirious and didn't realize it.

I knew that if I walked across town, I'd wind up at Times Square in no time. But in my sleepy state, I managed to walk in the wrong direction right through Hell's Kitchen and into the ghetto.

Where I was a little afraid.

I promptly hightailed it back across town and into Times Square.

Bat Time: 1:15pm.

I perused through Macy's, Barnes & Noble, Toys-R-Us, and the Hershey's store. NYC was almost completely ready for the parade and I was definitely excited about that. I found this awesome jewelry store too and bought a few things.

Time: 3:40pm.

I was a little hungry (not sure why), and a lot tired, and had my brother's NFT book. (NFT's are little books from God when you travel.) I found the closest McDonald's and decided that I would take a break.

Sitting in Mickey D's, the exhaustion hit me. I was terrified of my bag getting stolen, so I draped the straps over my body. Considering that I was wearing about four layers, and my bag was a little bit eclectic and that my eyelids are heavy... I have no doubt that I looked homeless.

But that's when it hit me... I should go to the bathroom.

So... I took me and all my stuff and walked to quickly use the bathroom, and somewhere between putting my bag on the hanger (on the back of the door) and sitting down, I fell asleep.

By all gestimations, I was in there for 45 minutes. I only pray that I didn't snore. And thank God I didn't fall in the toilet or get some disease sitting there so long.

When I woke up, a little disoriented and alot embarrassed, I called my brother (who only laughed hysterically at me), and he suggested that I keep walking. So I did.

I logged about 10 miles that day in an effort to stay awake and out of public bathrooms.

As a bonus, after work, my brother cussed out the guy at Gray's Papaya to get a hot dog for me. More than an adventure to say the least.

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I am laughing so hard, Missy is howling!!!!! Love ya, Bitsy