Thursday, April 3, 2008

They’re B-A-A-AACK!!!!

Working in Dalton has (for the most part) always been a lot of fun for me. It’s a very unique town. My favorite fun fact ala Wikipedia is:

Before the Silicon Valley boom, Dalton, Georgia had more millionaires per capita than any city in the U.S.

Seriously? Wow.

Dalton is also the hometown of Deborah Norville (Inside Edition) and Marla Maples (former wife of Donald Trump). Pretty nifty, huh?

Back to the topic at hand. When I first started working down here, I worked with a lovely lady named Emily who was originally from Dalton and knew the eccentricities of this town. Much in need of a guide, she graciously showed me many of Dalton’s unique attractions, including a lovely once-a-month-sale called Avis. I don’t know the story behind Avis, and for fear that I would get sucked into the backroom of that little place, I don’t ask. Once a month, this group of people filled this little store full of goodies that are inexpensive (and sometimes poorly made). The beauty of Avis and the diversity of Dalton provide a nice marriage of necessity for Avis. It really is lovely. Avis is only in Dalton ten times a year, the first weekend of every month, excluding February and November. They’re open from Thursday until Sunday.

What I love about them is the front room which is usually packed with a lot of inexpensive jewelry and accessories. The middle room usually has purses and shoes and the backroom has lots of clothes. I don’t venture into the backroom, well ever, simply because I’m a picky shopper anyway. The thought of digging through racks to maybe find something is also the same reason I stear fairly clear of TJMaxx and Ross. I am confident that I will feel differently when I have children.

Fortunately for me, today is not that day.

Again with the jewelry – most of it is $1.00. I’ve found some really cute bracelets and necklaces. With last year’s ear piercing and my drive to make up for 20 years without earrings, it’s paradise.

But today… today was the day. I spotted them shortly after I walked in. I haven’t seen them, these particular kind, in about ten years. They were in a multi-pack. They were colorful. They suddenly through my mind back to 1989.

What are they, might you ask?

Is the suspense killing you yet?

Before I tell you what they are, you must know that I bought a pack, and as soon as I returned to work, I modeled them for my co-workers, who were equally through pack to the 80’s, with shoulder pads, stirrup pants, acid wash, and all things neon-colored.

And we all laughed. A LOT.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you….

The Banana Clip.

Or a back-fauxhawk in a instant.

Whichever you prefer.

Please note that on the packaging, above my manicured finger, it says:

Style Transformer.

Oh, if only I were kidding.

Or it were 1989, and I could be jamming out in Keds listening to Debbie Gibson and Belinda Carlisle. And some Def Leppard. All while wearing the banana clip.

I’ll gladly perm my hair to enhance the funtionality of the banana clip. But only if you ask. And pay for the perm.


Holly said...

I pray that you bought extras because I am almost sure that Chill will ask for a set.

Holly said...

Oh my....I so had some of those and could never for the life of me get them to look right in my hair. they ever really look right in anyone's hair I guess is the bigger question?