Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Virginia Tech - The anniversary

Last year, I blogged this.

I'm revising the prayer, but I want it to be the same. And remember to stop fighting Naked.

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you and praise you for this day. You see the tragedy that occurred one year ago today, and our frail capacity to understand the horror that took place. You see the families of each person who perished, as well as a campus of students, staff, and faculty who are experiencing so many overwhelming emotions. You see the rest of us, who are trying to grasp what happened, process why, and figure out what we can do. And ultimately Lord, we know that there is No One like You. Right now, Heavenly Father, I lift up my friends, and cover them with your precious blood, from the top of their heads to the souls of their feet. Father, I cover them in your armor, the Helmet of Salvation, the Breastplate of Righteousness, Gird their Loins with Truth, Shod their Feet with Peace, give them the Sword of the Spirit, and the Shield of Faith. Protect them today. Help us to all understand, as best we can, this horrible tragedy that has occurred. Help us to exemplify the cry of Psalm 23, that You forgive are debts as we forgive our debtors. Lord, continue to be with those families who have experienced this incomprehensible loss, and comfort them. Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit as our Paraclete. Let this serve as our reminder that we are not promised tomorrow, and that today is the day to make things right with you. In the midst of all that happened, Lord remind us that it is your Glory that will prevail. We may not understand why this "wake-up" call had to occur, but I thank you in advance for those who will turn to you. Lord, give them zeal and strength, and encourage their hearts. Lord, I just want to thank You and Praise You for all that You are to us. Continue to touch our Hearts. In your precious name I pray... Amen.

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Holly said...

It seems strange that a year has gone by. I grew up with the German professor that was killed...we went to the same church and were in youth group together. I still talk to his sister on facebook every week or so. IT still boggles my mind that Jamie was all a part of the VT tragedy!