Thursday, April 3, 2008

Various and unsundries... Part Siete

AJAM has been temporarily postponed due to: Abscessed Appendix. I write with confidence that I have never used that phrase before in my life. I guess there is always room for a first, right?


My friend B. called me last night to tell me that two girls (twins) from my mom’s church are coming up to C-Veg this weekend for Lee Day. Hopefully I’ll get to show them around town. They’ll be in as much shock as I was! Cleveland may seem small to some, but you haven’t seen small until you’ve been to West Point. :)


Totally unrelated to all of that, can I just say that God never ceases to Amaze me? I am a firm believer from experience that God will move us when He knows we don’t have the strength to move ourselves. We may see it temporarily as bad, or uncomfortable, but in a very short time, we are able to see clarity that God is in control. My experiences came through an apartment and a job. First the job, I was miserable, and God knew that He had to move me because I was too wrapped up in me to step out. It was scary. But God proved His love for me with a trip I fondly refer to as my “Trip to Ninevah” aka Nashville. I still get misty-eyed telling that story about God’s grace. To tell you how God has exponentially blessed me since them… it’s just UNREAL. MIND-BOGGLING. CRAZY. DIVINELY ORCHESTRATED. Eight months later, my second experience with God moving me came through my apartment. Two years ago in May, I was unexpectedly evicted since I didn’t have a lease anymore (I’d gone month-to-month). Within four hours, I had a place to live.

Four hours, y’all. FOUR HOURS.

God knew that I had some serious memories tied to where I was living. Trust me when I write that, that kind of emotional bondage, bondage to memories, can be crippling. And even after the move, it took several months to even come clean to my closest friends with all that had happened. I have tried to use those experiences to really make changes in my life. I have more to go, that’s for sure, but having a starting point is key!

I write all this in light of something that God is doing in the lives of one of my family members. The situation was devastating and hurtful, lies were told, the list goes on. But three weeks after the situation occurred, God is moving and working beyond what we could have ever imagined.

God rocks. I heart God. For-evah.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” Genesis 50:20

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