Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11

I haven't done one of these in a long time, but I had a funny/PHUNNIE thought this morning, and thought I'd share a double dose:

Thursday Thirteen - Things I'm NOT down with:
  1. People who are ANTI-blog. Haters!
  2. Hemorroids. Yes, there is a story.
  3. Coffee. Eww.
  4. Carbondated drinks that are giving me adult ACNE. Boo.
  5. Co-workers who don't take Allergy Meds so that they can have a sick day at work. :(
  6. Divorce. Do I really need to say more?
  7. Unforgiveness. God is tearing me up about this.
  8. Slow drivers at 8:00am when I am trying to get to work on time. Seriously.
  9. The Devil. There's a story about this too.
  10. Negativity. I'm totally preaching to the choir here. Don't worry.
  11. Staying up late. Apparently, I've turned into an old lady. :)
  12. Having a schmorgasboard of bills to take each day. See #11
  13. Recession, crime, and poverty. I felt the need to be political on this one.

Things I'm TOTALLY down with:

  1. God. He rocks. Duh!!!
  2. Coupons so that my many pills in the above #12 don't cost an arm and a leg. Can we say "double coupons at Kroger!?!" Whoo-Hoo.
  3. Exercise. I'm trying, y'all. It's a daily struggle, but I'm trying.
  4. Having the authority to speak blessing out of my mouth! It's time to "get to getting" if you know what I mean!!
  5. The lemony-sugary-vanilla-y-lotion that is at my desk. And it has sparkles in it. "I feel pretty, oh! so pretty! I feel pretty! and witty! and sparkly!!
  6. Blogger comments. A girl needs affirmation, y'all.
  7. Scripture. When life falls apart, the Word never fails.
  8. Sweet Tea. Better than ibuprofen, less addictive than crack.
  9. Two cells phones. I act like this is a burden, but in reality, I love having two. :D
  10. Post-it Notes. Whoever invented this stuff -- GENIUS. Pure Genius.
  11. Clear Skies Today, and Rain when we need it. Thank you God for being The Master Meteorologist.
  12. Digital Cameras. Without which, I would not have been able to humble friends so quickly. I'm just kidding.
  13. Good blog friends. Who have faithfully read this so far.

And thus... I tag you!!! (Broken Apples, Bloggin' Bits, Simply Staci, Really? Wow!, MinSoFab, and Butterbean {Just leave it in the comments!})


Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Okay, here you go:

I'm down with...

1. My blog being fixed, hallelujah!
2. Goldfish crackers.
3. A good night's sleep.
4. My two adorable puppies.
5. Having the opportunity to have gone to college. Twice.
6. Being relatively healthy.
7. Getting to do full-time ministry.
8. Wearing something pink.
9. Watching Shamu via his webcam.
10. Flip flops, year round.
11. Picnics by the river.
12. The zoo.
13. Singing Celine at the top of my lungs.

Things I am NOT down with:

1. Boys with ponytails.
2. Exhaustion.
3. Mean people.
4. My two adorable puppies jumping in the shower with me.
5. Cabbage.
6. Yucky hospitals.
7. Skorts.
8. Rats.
9. People smacking their gum.
10. Sirens.
11. Headaches.
12. Children being orphaned.
13. Chinese food.

Butterbean said...

13 things I'm not down with: mistreatment of children, apathy, mean girls, spiteful people, the economy, Orange Teams (Florida/Tenn), pollen, diet drinks, greens(collards/turnips), bees, boiled okra, fish, people who have 2 cell phones and don't answer either (haha)!

13 things I'm down with:
2 sweet little girls, a handsome prince, God's grace, Georgia football, Bible Study group, dinner at a yummy restaurant with people I love, sweet tea, lifelong friends, spring in Athens, fall in Athens, smell of freshly mowed grass, a good book, fresh baked bread

Bitsy said...

Things I'm down with!
1. God
2. Hubs
3. Cuddling w/my grandson,
rubbing his legs on the couch
4. Playing computer famiy feud w/my other grandson
5. family and friends
6. my church
7. bible study
8. slow, lazy rainy days
9. good book (audio or print)
10. my dachshund
11. the beach
12. women's club work
13. bloggers like YOU!!!

Things I'm NOT down with!
1. Violence (especially against women and children)
2. Satan
3. Lying
4. headaches
5. nausea
6. coconut
7. bad smells
8. my non-exercising
9. alzheimers disease
10. cancer
11. the bags under my eyes (heredity)
12. laundry
13. my messy house

Broken Shadows said...

13 Things I’m TOTALLY not down with you ask….
Here Goes!!

1. Bad Teeth: I don’t like looking into someone’s mouth wondering if a troll is going to pop out of the cave of wonder. Nuff Said.

2. Chain Emails: I distaste someone sending me emails where it takes me 5 mins to scroll down a list of email addresses that received it before me.

3. Ignorant Emails: The ones about the so & so virus that should you get it on your computer shut down you computer immediately. The first rule is NOT to shut down your computer.

4. Movies that constantly drop profanity in them and show so much sexual content that it should have been labeled porn instead of a simple R.

5. Schools saying we can’t pray in them because we might offend someone of another culture. Hello America – ONE NATION UNDER GOD?

6. A church, which does not proclaim to be a CHURCH OF GOD because they might offend their members. What is up with that? Personal one here.

7. A pastor who does not work to upkeep his church but yet worries more about what electronics they can buy for their church. I’m preaching here…

8. My weight it seems to be a battle I see me as losing however I never give up hope or working on it.

9. Migraines: I’ve had them ever since I was a small child and they always make me sick. However into my adult years they became less frequent.

10. Lysol: I distaste walking into a room that has just been sprayed with Lysol. I can taste that stuff in the air ☹

11. Stealing: Why can’t you just buy your stuff like the rest of us….

12. Gas Prices: It’s really starting to break the bank….

13. This is a biggy!!! Roach Bugs - Folks please don’t let a big cock roach fly down and hit me in the head at your place. Because it’s over at that point and I will bring the house down.


1. Positive People. I strive to be around the positive because I need positive.

2. My Pet Passions. She’s always waiting on me when I get home.

3. Traveling: I enjoy going somewhere new.

4. My Apple: Apple Computers (Need I Say MORE)

5. Water: I love the water especially a big swimming pool.

6. Renting Movies off the Internet so I don’t have to drive to get them.

7. Rain: Strange but I love sitting on the porch listen to the rain falling and watching the lightning flash across the sky. Spectacular

8. Making someone jump when I pop my tongue. It’s very loud….

9. Chocolate Cake

10. Babies that are walking and past the spit up stage. LOL

11. My blackberry – I enjoy getting emails from my friends.

12. BLOG & Myspace comments – Nothing makes me feel better than to get one from someone.

13. Being picked to do a TAG. Yeap Yeap