Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm choosing...

I received a questionaire email this morning and was asked -- "How do you vent anger?". My response -- I cry or blog. Please know that I'm superfrustrated about something, but blogging about it right now isn't helpful, so I'm sticking with something I found on another blog. :)

I choose......

Tom Hanks over Tom Cruise -- really I choose Tom Cavanaugh over both!
Confrontation over avoidance -- for the most part
Chinese food over Mexican food
late nights over early mornings
CBS over NBC
salty over sweet
beach over mountain
vanilla over chocolate
dogs over cats
mistakes made over missed chances
lipgloss over lipstick
J.R.R. Tolkien over J.K Rowling
milk chocolate over dark chocolate
football over hockey
pie over cake
half full over half empty
sense of humor over sense of style
Jeopardy! over Wheel of Fortune
pro-life over pro-choice
sweet tea over carbonated drinks
Dirty Dancing over The Breakfast Club
french fries over french toast
Belle over Cinderella
big city over small town
The Olympics over The Oscars
too cold over too hot -- it's easier to warm up than it is to cool down.
honey mustard over ketchup
house salad over caesar salad --
books over movies
pedicures over manicures
John Cusack over John Malkovich
apples over oranges
big trucks over fast cars
treadmill over elliptical
summer over winter
time with girlfriends over time alone
vacuuming floors over mopping floors

Play along...what do you prefer?

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