Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have no shame. :)

I want this listed (by technicality) that I DID get my picture taken with all the guys. And In person. :)

Some other things to note:
  • I literally screamed for over two hours.
  • Natasha Bedingfield has some incredible vocals.
  • But, I totally want her raspy British accent. Lovely, Lovely.
  • Lady GaGa started off wearing a costume that I would have expected to wear as a villain on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but devolved (sans skirt) to wearing what looked like a weird beige granny panty. But she kept on her villainous stalagmite top. (I wikipedia'd that and actually got it right!)
  • I lost my voice three screams after New Kids took the stage.
  • Along with screaming, I stood almost the entire time.
  • There were two inebriated ladies in front of us. About the fourth or fifth song in, the one in front of me fell over backwards and dumped most of her beer in my shoe.
  • So, basically I smelled gross the rest of the evening.
  • Right during Cover Girl (a VERY upbeat song!), one of the girls starting bawling. It was hilarious and weird.
  • Donnie... HOT!!
  • Joe... he's still got it.
  • When Jordan ripped his shirt, I'm pretty sure someone somewhere fainted.
  • He's an outie, btw.
  • Jonathan... was very reserved.
  • I did not know that Danny could still break.
  • The back-up dancers were incredible. Mad props to those ladies.
  • I asked the guy at the t-shirt stand for a job.
  • Because I'd lost my voice, he looked at me like I was a freak.
  • I lost my car and it took me about ten minutes to find it.
  • I dropped big bucks to buy a Donnie & Joe pin. And two t-shirts.
  • I haven't quit smiling, and am still singing songs in my head.

I have so much stinkin' fun I can't stand it. It was worth every penny, every minute I wasn't in bed, and every weird comment or stare people gave that I was going. It definitely helps that I had friends who were there and love that I'm a little TOO excited when it comes to this kinda stuff.

And I would totally do it again IN A HEARTBEAT.


The Miles Family said...

SO MUCH FUN!!! I wish I could have gone too!!

Paige said...

Jon was my favorite way back when and he is still my favorite! It sounds like you had lots of fun. I am very jealous!!

Aims said...

I am so jealous! I had the dolls, sleeping bag, movies, lunchbox, etc. I still love NKOTB. I get excited when their "Single" video comes on VH1 in the morning before I go to work. I don't care if people know I still like NKOTB.

Holly said...

Um, yeah. I just blogged about it too!!

I'm glad we got to see each other there!!!

Mimi said...

Thanks alot! You made me spit some mocha venti latte grande half-crap something-or-other out my dripped down my lip & into my keyboard.

I guess the bonus is that when I breathe in now it smells like chocolate!

V-n-J said...

wow! i'm totally jealous. i really wanted to go and i'm kicking myself now:( i missed out big time.