Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What would you relearn?????

When my brother was home a few weeks ago, we were talking about how the Georgia State Superintendent was the first winner of "Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader?". During the course of that conversation, I reminded my brother that while I knew a good number, I didn't know all the state capitals anymore. As sad/weird/funny as it sounds, the rest of the ride home, my brother used his iPhone as I relearned all the state capitals. We had the best time laughing (and drilling each other) to the "home bases" of the fifty states. Thanks to that experience, I will never look at Richmond, Virginia the same EVAH again. (I'll be happy to share that story privately.)

This morning on The Pioneer Woman, Ree A.K.A. P-Dub is giving away some gift certificate for learning tools and asked the question:

"If you could relearn some subject from school (without shame of course), what would it be?"

My response was: ESPANOL.

I took two years of high school spanish and semester in college. If I were taken hostage in a spanish speaking country I could:

1. Count to 100
2. Ask where the bathroom is.
3. Ask where the library is.
4. Sing my white-girl karaoke version of La Cucaracha and Cielito.
5. Identify crazy chickens.
6. Muerto.

So... what would you relearn?


Mandy C. said...

I would learn history all over again. At age 16 it seemed so I find it intriguing.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE your polka dots. Very sassy!

Bitsy said...

History and math! Bitsy