Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reading through the lines.

Dear Books,

I... haven't read you in a while. We used to be BFF, and then I got all jaded and bitter and put you away. I stopped enjoying your words, your word pictures, your story, and focused more on the black box that actually talked to me.

But I've missed you.

And daughter Fiction, were it not for those John Grisham novels where I dreamed about having GPS devices in my shoes, I would not have walked away from you three years ago. But you seriously have to be careful scaring me like that. Dreaming that I'm in a chateau in Rome and waking up in my own bed is a cruel CRUEL joke.

So, I'm giving you a second chance. Books, you and Fiction teamed up with my beloved MGG to bring me not one, but TWO bound beauts to read. I'm trusting that you won't disappoint me. Me and Cousin Self-Help parted ways a while ago and I don't want to go down that road again. For a LONG time. Or never again.


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