Friday, October 17, 2008

Various and unsundry part... Y. (Get it Part-Y?)

A few links I'm lovin' this week: -- Diary of a Southern Drama Queen. I just wanna go to Texas and be BFF with this woman. -- This woman keeps posting stuff on her blog that I'm coveting. I know I shouldn't confess that, but I figure I'm among friends, right? She has some beautiful stuff and is giving me a LOT of ideas to make some changes for my room/office/future house! -- I'm still not sure how I found this blog, but I like it. A LOT. (And I'm pretty sure she's friends with my next link...) -- I steal songs from her really cool playlist, download them from iTunes and share them with you.


Had an interesting conversation with friends at my house last night. That's all I'm gonna say about that.


There was a bomb in Dalton this morning. It was thrown into a law office, and it actually blew one guy's clothes off. He's listed in critical condition passed away. You can read about it here.


My grandparents and one of my aunts are on their way to see me. We're going to the Elijay Apple Festival this weekend, and then just spending some quality time together. My grandmother also informed me that she's making me my favorite meal for Sunday lunch. In my own home. It's this cube steak that gets fried and then put in the oven in gravy, and we'll be having fresh corn, and green beans, and rolls, and sweet tea, and buttermilk pie, and are you hungry yet?????? (I may not let her leave.)


Yesterday, it was 80 degrees.

Today it's 60 degrees.

Oi! Yay Fall!

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leslie ruth said...

Well now, I am just so flattered! And you may not have to come to TX because hopefully we'll be moving your way sometime soon....