Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Name Game

Last week, I had written this really long post about names, but I deleted it because I thought it was a little weird. I'm uber-fascinated with names and mine definitely has an interesting story. But The Pioneer Woman is giving away a Canon camera (don't go get it... I want it bad!), and instead of asking about cameras, she asked you to leave a comment with your nicknames. Before I tell you mine... I want you to know the brief story behind my name.

I'm named after my mother's father's sister Virginia, who was called Ginny. She really loved my mother, but sadly took her own life when my mom was 9. My parents both believed I was a boy until the day I was born. The plan was to name me Stephen Lee. (I have no idea where that comes from.) At birth, my mom decided on Jenny Leigh. When my father went to fill out the birth certificate, he changed it to Jennifer because he thought Jenny sounded trashy. Leigh is a derivation of Lee -- after my mother's grandfather, Marcus Lee Leverette. (And my mom didn't find out about the change until she was discharged.) My brother is named after two grandfathers -- John Marcus comes from John Bell Calhoun and Marcus Lee Leverette.

I've been called a lot of things in my life. Surprisingly, Jenny is not one of them. I tried to change what people called me twice and nobody bought it, so I'm stuck with Jenn or Jennifer.

But I've had some funny (albeit embrassing) nicknames along the way that I think are worth sharing:

My Mom calls me JennLeigh.
My Dad call me Sis.
Both call me Jennifer when they're mad.
John Mark has called me a lot of things. Some are not okay to mention on the blog, but mostly he uses Jenn, Buddy, Monkey or (rarely) Sis.
Most people call me Jenn.
Nobody calls me Jenny/Jenni.
One guy at work calls me JennaLeigh.
In elementary school, they called me Medusa Callahan.
In middle and high school, Hammer.
At junior college, Slicker.
At Lee, I was Hump Dump.
I've also been called Jennibug, from a boy I used to babysit who couldn't pronounce anything with F's. He would also make up new words or change them to accomodate his speech impediment.
Most kids under 5 call me JennFer. The "if" gets 'em everytime.
Miranda and Aubre call me Ho.
My cousin Amanda calls me Jenn-Jenn-bo-Benn. She's 38 and has never called me anything different. She also calls my brother John Mark Smurf, and wrote a song about it.
My grandmother calls me every name in our family but my own -- Rita, Shirley, Keli, Sandra.

What about you? Do you have any nicknames?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway! I have the S5 and it is a fabulous camera. I'd love to try out the newer model! ps - here are a few of my nicknames:

My Dad calls me Lou (not my 1st or middle name). My niece and nephew call me Nay Nay (she couldn't say Aunt Amy). Some college friends call me Amy Black & Blue. A sweet old grandfather-type engineer at my afterschool job in high school called me Shooter P. Greene, because he said I worked so fast and was like a shooter pea flying around the office.

xoxo, Butterbean

Staci said...

I loved reading about your name!! I can SO relate to the grandmother calling you everybody else but your real name!

Jaclyn said...

I've been Jac since I was born and Marie (my middle name). I've also been called JW. My Brother-in-law called me J-money and then J-belly when I was pregnant. My grandmother also calls me by other names. Her dad, my great-grandpa, just called everyone Sam!

Aims said...

My mom calls me baby.. still
My grandma and grandpa on my mom's side call me "girl." They're from Hazard, KY and West Virginia, what do you expect?
My mom's best friend calls me Aimikins
Mike called me baby, Aimee, or Aims
Most of my friends call me Aims or Aimee
My students call me Miss LaPine or "Mrs" LaPine. I don't think some of them have gotten the point that I am NOT married.
My cousins used to call me Mimi when they were little.
Some of my guy friends used to call me shorty
My nickname in my sorority was Magma
When I wear something that is a little too revealing for my mom's taste, she'll sometimes call me Dolly. No explanation there.
One kid I barely knew used to call me Aimee Lou in high school. My middle name is definitely not Lou.
A guy I used to date used to call me Aim.
Those are all I can think of right now. I am sure I have had many other nicknames in the past.