Sunday, October 5, 2008

I keep wanting to write this, but then I erase it.

My hope is that I'll keep this post up for more than a few minutes.

I watched this video again today, and can't help but be moved.

Can I just say that I'm getting real sick of the "christianese" lately? I'm so over Christian friends sitting and talking about stuff and using "the language". Are we really at a place where we can't be more real than that? Where even in the safest of havens we put our guards up for fear that our "Christian" friends will see through our facades? Our smoke and mirrors?

Can we just BE REAL? I mean, REALLY real? Can we go five minutes without using scripture as some sort of litmus test for our friends? So that we can witness to people where it counts? In WalMart? In the mall? In the park? At work?

Can we stop wasting time trying to FEEL PEACE and actually find some?

One of the things I've loved about my friend Jenn is that she's not a cookie cutter Christian. I'm sure she'll tell you that she's had some moments in her life where she may have been, but the woman that I've known has constantly been out of the box. We don't agree on everything... maybe even a lot of things. But what's more important... she has fruit in her spiritual life. Life is not a glossy 8X10 of how things are supposed to work out. Even and especially as a Christian, life is complicated. And confusing. And just weird sometimes.

And I'm not even addressing the whole being a pentacostal thing.

But, the thing I respect about Jenn is her willingness to always be out doing the work. Clay's heart is so hungry for the multiple cultures in his city. He longs for Louisville to see God. Josh (and his wife) long for the kids in Carrollton to be real. To be real with God. So do Justin, and Julie, Jeremy, and Sarah and her husband Brent. There are so many other people I know who are doing the work.

I'm just sick of "The talk".

The talk that's not matching The Walk.

Can we just stop manufacturing the talk and let the walk speak for itself? For REAL? It's time for us to write out own cardboard testimonies that are REAL.


Josh Lane said...


Bitsy said...

DON'T ERASE IT!!!! I have always loved the cardboard testimony video and it's so REAL. I pray I always show the good, bad, and ugly of my life and how God has redeemed, loved, and changed me. And how much he continues to everyday and how much I need it!!!!!!

Warrior Priestess said...

1) like the new look. You keep it fresh----nice! 2)Christianese scares me and even more so when I catch myself using it.

Love you like you are even with blond eyebrows. Did you see Pixie on LA Ink she has a pink one and a black one?! To MATCH her hair.

Jenn said...

I agree about the Christianese. It's gotten to the point where I find myself getting cringing any time I'm around it. Sometimes I think Christians and churches are more like country clubs and social clubs.

I think people should try to be authentic. If quoting scripture all the time is really sincere, then cool. But, we shouldn't try to be what others think we should be or what we think others expect us to be. We should just try to be ourselves and be like Jesus.

Jules said...

These are the blog posts i love...say it good girl..