Friday, October 3, 2008

Upon further examination, I thought it might be fun to share some facts.

I took a moment to look over blog stuff this morning, and after looking (and relooking several times) at this picture, I thought it might to be fun to share some facts about this photo and the surrounding circumstances.

  1. This was taken in May of 1988. My parents divorce had just become final (literally by days).
  2. I went through a phase where I would not show my teeth when I smiled. I didn't like my teeth at all. I wanted braces because everyone else had them.
  3. (I also went through a phase where I wouldn't let anyone sit on my bed because it would mess up my bedspread. My BFF Laura still won't let me live that one down.)
  4. I actually have a TAN in this picture. You can see the difference on my arms. And that's about as tan as I get.
  5. That is my natural hair color. Ha ha ha ha.
  6. My mom lost 80 pounds when she and my Dad separated. I don't remember her being overweight, but this was the smallest she'd been since her wedding.
  7. She's sporting some AWESOME 80's church hair. That stuff took a whole can of Rave. And a little thing we like to call "The White Brush" which helps achieve that poof.
  8. My pose is a little bit cheerleader-ish. Ironically enough, I was a cheerleader. Go figure.
  9. Nobody knows where the 8X10 version of this photo is. This is the wallet sized copy that I scanned.
  10. I was 4'6" in this picture. I have a picture taken around the same time that tells me how tall I am.
  11. Between my brother and I (and the next 7 years), we grew a total of 3 1/2 feet.
  12. I'm wearing a necklace that was adjustable. I still have the necklace too. I found it at my mom's a few weeks ago.
  13. Anybody notice that I'm sporting SHOULDER PADS? HELLO??? I was 9. What in the world?
  14. Looking at my hands make me cringe. I used to bite my nails something awful. I prayed a few years later and told God I wanted wedding hands, and needed strength to quit biting my nails. He answered my prayer.
  15. My hair is being held with a banana clip.
  16. Those glasses were from Lens Crafters (remember -- "in an hour"?). Well, as it turns out, they took 4, and the lenses were accidentally tinted pink. I literally owned rose colored lenses.

Hilariousness. Love it.


mandy said...

this was really interesting to read through! and I remember banana clips. shame.
oh girl. I've got similar pictures locked away in a safe place where no one can find them.
kudos to you for posting! :)

Kim said...

This is a great picture!! I have several pictures that my mom says are sooo cute. But really they make me think.. "dear God! no wonder I was never in the cool crowd."

Holly said...

Ok Jenn....I am dying over here because Alexis is totally in a phase where she won't smile and show her teeth right now. What is with that?

Jenn said...

I wish I knew!!! I had insecurities about my teeth b/c I had so many friends who were getting braces around that time. I remember my Mom and my dentist talking to me about it, and my dentist brought in all of his hygenists and they showed me how different their teeth were! I got over it sometime after that. :)

Holly said...

Hers is related to the fact that she is at the age of losing teeth. She thinks other kids will laugh that she has one top tooth coming in and the other about 75% of the way in. Uh hello...I reminded her to look at the others in her class to see they all have missing teeth!