Monday, August 27, 2007

Blog Funk

Right now, as I type this, I feel like I have nothing to say. But, I wanted to post in the hopes that it might inspire me.


Church was awesome yesterday. P&W was fabulous and the word... WOO!! Pastor even talked about music in the church and how there are churches that are dividing over traditional worship and contemporary. I prefer contemporary, but definitely don't mind traditional. But I get IRATE when I hear people, more often than not, Older people, who hate newer music. To quote Pastor Page: "Stick a sock in it. At least they're in the church and not running around in the world."

The sermon was Killer too!!!! He preached about Nehemiah and burdens. Good stuff...

Saturday my roomie and I were able to spend almost all day together except for a break. We went shopping. I got my friend N. a pair of Jeans (he doesn't shop and we all know I love shopping for Guys!). I got some Hot black heels, a curtain rod and sheer for my bedroom (I've lived there a year and never hung up a curtain.), some stuff for my roomie, and some jewelry. Good times! Apparently, everyone else went out to the lake. While we now know that there was an open invitation, I was led to believe that it was a private thing.

And, the fact that NOBODY CALLED.

Let's not go there on that one, k?


Saturday night, a bunch of us got together for dinner at... "Let's go Outback, tonight" (I can't help it -- that dumb radio/tv commercial gets stuck in my head). It was fun!!! We went back to my house to watch one of the worst movies ever -- The Wedding Date. In the middle of the movie, a helicopter landed across the street. Apparently there was a really bad wreck and Life Force will land wherever it can. We all stood outside gauking at it... like we've never seen a heli before.

After church on Sunday, we played (well, I photographed) Touch Football, and then we went to another friends to grill out and play some cornhole.

I really don't like cornhole, but I love my friends.

Friday night -- there was some unnecessary drama, but I want to leave that alone. Sufficed to say, I'm really having to re-evaluate some things. My friend N. and I sat and talked until almost 1:30, and it was good to get a guy's perspective and just open up. Lord knows I don't feel and haven't felt like I could just be open and honest with people lately. I'm tired of walking on eggshells.

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