Saturday, August 18, 2007

In hinds' sight

I still cannot grasp my friend's reasoning for killing himself. I've had the conversation a few times, and still ... logically ... cannot understand.

At the funeral tonight, they kept talking about how wonderful he was, and how he shared Jesus, and that he loved Jesus.

I cannot understand how you cannot call on the very name that can save you.

I just pray for his family, and his ex-fiance, and that God will give us peace and discernment for the future.

I was reminded about Post Secret tonight, and wondered if Randy ever knew about it. Not for some crazy purpose but in the hope that, if he'd seen one other secret that resembled his own,...

you know?

And it made me thankful for other people's secrets. Yes, some are bad. Some are dirty. But some... have saved somebody's life.

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