Monday, August 13, 2007

Events and such...

I went ahead and uploaded some pictures, but thought I would give an explanation of my weekend. My mom was supposed to come up to TN this weekend, but I found out a friend of mine was home, so I went to GA instead. Friday night, I stopped in Duluth to see my friend M. She is wonderful and precious and I love her! She is the minister of music at a church, and they had a night of worship that was really awesome on Friday. I haven't been to Michele's house since January -- either plans have fallen through or, for obvious reasons, I have been hesitant to be anywhere in ATL.

After a pit stop in LG early Saturday, I met my Mom and we went and overhauled her office. We threw out three bags of trash, and two big bags of recyclable paper. Her office is TINY! I left there, quickly went home and showered and met up with friends to go have dinner/dancing in Columbus. We had so much fun!!!! At least four times, I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe!!! This weekend marked the first time I've been with people that are my age. We all graduated the same year, four of us together, and C. went to H.S. in Alabama. But, I've known C. since I was 7. Here's the connections between us all.

C: I've known C. since I moved to Alabama in the 2nd grade. We also worked together at KRGR in high school. We went to college together for the first three years. C.'s cousin married L.
L.: I met when I first moved to GA. We had a mutual friend, Tiffany, who knew her really well. I also graduated from H.S. with L. L. & N. went to kindergarten - 12th together, and are kinda cousins. L. met H. in high school, and they were in each other's wedding. L. and C. have known each other a really long time... probably forever.
N.: I've actually known N. since the fourth grade. I met her at the pool in Lanett, (but I was a TOTAL dork, so she doesn't remember me). We got reacquainted at the WP pool, and then in high school. N. likes to tell the story that the only reason she registered for college was because I asked her to tag along. Funny stuff. N. & H. met through high school classes too. N. & C. met each other through swim team... I think.
H.: I met H. when she first came to H.S. in the 9th grade. We had Coach Floyd's (God rest his soul) Economics class. H. and I got WAY better acquainted after high school when she started coming to my church. I also followed in H.'s footsteps by going to Lee.

confusing enough?????

I think so!

Memorable moments from this weekend:
  • the sweaty guy that was totally into watching himself in that mirror
  • that I got hit on TWICE
  • dancin'
  • singin'
  • Dunkin' Donuts
  • Filet instead of steak
  • funny videos :)
  • a shopping trip
  • underwear on Nik's head
  • Chocolate in the fat girls' store
  • Crystal's chandalier necklace
  • Dr. Grossman
  • Gang Signs
  • The Cage
  • C's convo in the bathroom
  • reminiscing.
Long story short, none of us got home until almost 3. (Made for a really short night!) Sunday after church, I went back and finished my Mom's office, then stopped by to see my cousin's new baby (on the Calhoun side). I've never met his wife, plus, I got to see Erin's brother, Josh, who I haven't seen in ... like six years.

For the record, Calhoun's are CRAZY. Seriously.

I got home last night around 10, and literally posted two sentences and got into bed. And I still could use a nap!!

Good times, Ladies, Good times.

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