Wednesday, August 15, 2007


In the midst of ... whatever that last post was... I am struck with reality.

at 9:00pm, my brother calls to tell me that my Mom and SD were in a wreck -- they pulled out of a parking lot and hit another car which promptly flipped 3 times. At this point, they do not know if the other driver is dead or alive.

9:45 -- still obviously freaked out, my mom calls to tell me that the other driver is alive, screaming, but alive, and on her way to the emergency room via ambulance, as is my step-dad.

10:00 -- my friend Kevin calls to inform me that a guy we've hung out with several times...

took his own life tonight.

And the shock sets in.

Here I spent time today wanting change when I have failed miserably to make change where I am.

I am ashamed.
I am saddened.
My heart is broken for my friend's pain and my obliviousness to it.

A few months back, I had to call and alert many of these same friends of the death of a mother. Tonight, I have to call and share this.

And we come together and wonder what in the world is happening.
How did we miss this?
Why did we not see this?
Why didn't I do ______________ or do ______________?

And I am reminded of the lyrics from "Come to me" by Kari Jobe

Come to me you weary ones,
and I will give you rest.
Come to me you burdened ones,
And I will give peace.
I will give you peace.
For my yoke is easy,
and my burden is light.
Take it upon you,
I will give you rest.

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Holly said...

You know Jenn, I think we all have moments when we wonder why we didn't do this or that...why we didn't notice something amiss ....we wonder if we could have "fixed" it. A dear preacher had a framed saying on the wall that reads "We often stand and gaze at the doors that have closed behind us that we do not see the new doors being opened right before so." So, I encourage you to step away from the door that has closed and look to what you can offer as everyone moves forward. Be it a prayer, a hug, a simple feeling of knowing you are all adds up in the end to be so, so much!

Glad your mom is is your SD??

And let me know if we can get together this weekend. I'd love it!